Book Report

Book Report

Have you ever heard of or even owned a kissing book? The character in my book has. My book is Don't Get Caught in the Girls Locker Room by Todd Strasser. It is for kids all ages. Its ZPD range is 5.5-7.2. This book is easily read book, although there is some tough vocabulary.

Kyle is an anxious, scared, and very much interested to find the kissing book, since he might be in it. He was anxious to find the book because he wanted to see what the girls wrote about him. Kyle was scared of getting caught by the Principal and the teachers.

This novel mostly depends on character development more than on the plot to hold my interest. Todd Strasser barely ever says anything about the plot, but he describes numerous acts and information.

My favorite part is when Kyle and his friends get to read the book. I like that part because Kyle's friends find out a secret about him. Also, that is when the girls almost catch them. A very funny incident happens when they get the book; Dusty slips on some girl clothes.

Don't Get Caught in the Girls Locker Room did not end the way I expected it to end. Todd Strasser always described their teacher as a mean old nag, but at the end she does something very nice which is really important in the story. Also, Andy, the person that did something bad, was actually described as a person that will not do anything of such sort.

This book is about three boys named Kyle, Dusty and Wilson who attend a school called Hard Marks Middle School. Kyle, Dusty and Wilson are three best friends who find out that there is a book called The Kissing Book in the girls' locker room. They want one of their friends, Melody to go into the girls' locker room and get the locker number and the locker combination. One afternoon, the three boys go into the girls' locker room; they find the right locker, unlock the locker and go through the book to find out what is in the book. Ricky Cheech was...

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