Book Review: Avalanche by Chris Palmer

Book Review: Avalanche by Chris Palmer

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1. In the novel, Avalanche, Chris Palmer is a thin and non-athletic 14 year old boy. He has a mother, father, and older brother. Chris wanted to defeat his “hotshot” brother, Terry, because Terry was an athlete and had all attention since he was popular. Chris said that he can defeat him by catching a wolf. When he shot the rifle, the loud sound started an avalanche. He started skiing for his life, but got trapped in it. Seven days later, his older brother saved his life and got him out of the snow prison.

2. The ending of the novel was spectacular. I personally enjoyed it and wouldn’t change a thing. The reason why I wouldn’t change anything would be because the ending should a difference from other novels. In this novel had me thinking if Chris would survive or die trapped in the avalanche. In the beginning, Chris was selfish and all he wanted to do was to outshine his older brother. Now Chris looks up to Terry and both encourage each other between their brotherly relationships. They encourage each other by telling one another how excellent they are in athletics.

3. A boy named Chris Palmer is the main character of this novel. In the beginning, Chris was a selfish person and the only values he had was to defeat his older brother, Terry. Later in the novel, Chris finds out that his family is the most important thing in his life. I have the same values as Chris because I love my family. Especially the time when my father was in the ICU at the hospital having a minor surgery. All my mind was thinking about was him and when he will get out of the hospital. Chris found out that he loves his family more than anything. When he was close to death, having hallucinations, he was thinking about his older brother and family and what he could have done to make his relationship better with his brother.

4. Chris Palmer matured during the course of this novel. In the beginning, all he cared about was outdoing his “hotshot” older brother...

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