Book Review God Has a Dream

Book Review God Has a Dream

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First Book Club Meeting: God Has a Dream – Desmond Tutu

Synopsis of Impressions

Desmond Tutu’s God Has a Dream is a book that revives the Christian spirit in
many ways. God Has a Dream is an engaging piece of literature that renews one’s faith in humanity and brings about a new vision of hope. Desmond Tutu shares the spiritual message that has guided him and many South Africans during their struggle for human rights. Tutu encourages people to love, forgive, to be humble, generous, and to have courage when in the face of despair. The reader cannot help but be inspired by this heroic and graceful man. God Has a Dream is an exploration of the human condition, specifically that of suffering. Tutu suggests that God does not take away suffering, but is there with us during these trying times and gives us strength to overcome them.
Suffering is part of the human condition and is not optional. Suffering helps humans grow mentally, emotionally, and physically. Tutu offers his reader the idea that Nelson Mandela is the leader he is today because of his prison experience and the growth he experienced as a result of this tragic situation. Tutu emphasizes the idea that growth and redemption are a result of one’s suffering. God Has a Dream encourages its readers to view ourselves more than a global village, but as a global family. Tutu suggests that we are all connected and therefore are ultimately affected by one another’s actions – good and bad.
Response to Three (3) Quotations

A) Chapter 1 – page 3 “principle of transfiguration”

This passage emphasizes the idea that humans are responsible for change within their communities. Human beings work in conjunction with God for the betterment of society. Tutu uses the image of nature to illustrate how everything in this world is capable of change. The once dead garden can be transformed into a paradise, just as the cross which was once a symbol of death is now a symbol of eternal life....

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