Book Review of "A Survey of the New Testament"

Book Review of "A Survey of the New Testament"

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Do you want a greater understanding of the New Testament? Would you like to know why there is 27 books in the New Testament, not more or

less, and how they got chosen to be in the Canon? Robert H. Gundry has written a book that will help you understand these issues and so much

more. It is called "A Survey of the New Testament".

Robert H. Gundry (Ph. D., Manchester) is a scholar in residence and professor emeritus of New Testament and Greek at Westmont College in

Santa Barbara, California. Among his books are Mark: A Commentary on His Apology for the Cross; Matthew: A Commentary on His Handbook for a

Mixed Church Under Persecution; Soma in Biblical Theology; and Jesus the Word according to John the Sectarian.

I found that the book was very insightful and made me think about what I was reading. The format of the book was created so that as you read

it, you were encouraged to read the New Testament as well. I also liked the fact that the author was not afraid of presenting several different

interpretations or viewpoints on the text of the New Testament. This is a great book!

In the introduction of the book the author gives four reasons for studying the New Testament. They are as follows:

1. The historical reason for studying it is that we discover the phenomenon of Christianity.

2. The cultural reason for studying it that the influence of the New Testament has permeated both the Western and Global civilization.

3. The theological reason is that the New Testament is the divinely inspired accounts and interpretations of the redemptive mission of Jesus in the

world and form the standard of belief and practice for the Christian church.

4. The devotional reason to study the New Testament is that the Holy Spirit uses it to bring people into a living and growing personal relationship

with God through His Son Jesus Christ.

The rest of the book is broken up into five parts:

1. Part one consist of the...

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