Book Review: Three Men in a Boat

Book Review: Three Men in a Boat


General info about the book
Book’s title : Three Men in a Boat
Author : Jerome K. Jerome
Country : England
Language : English
Genre : Humor novel
Publication date : 1889 AD


Main Character:


Describe this character :

Name : Jerome Klapka Jerome
Born : 2 May 1859
Place of Birth : Caldmore, Walsall, England
Death : 14 June 1927
Place of Death : Northampton, England

I can identify with the character when :

I agree with the character when he decide to give themselves a rest from work and to go to a sea trip.

Another character :

George Wingrave 
Details :
He's a real life character who was a senior manager in Barclays Bank.
Another character :

Carl Hentschel (called Harris in the book)

Details :
Another real life character who is the founder of a London printing business.

Another character :

Details :
He was the dog.

Describe the time and place of the story :
It written in 1998. It about the end of the century.

The story begins by introducing George, Harris, 'J.' (the narrator) and Montmorency, the dog. The men are spending an evening in J.'s room, smoking and discussing illnesses they fancy they suffer from. They conclude they are all suffering from 'overwork' and need a holiday. A stay in the country and a sea trip are both considered, then rejected (J. describes the bad experiences had by his brother-in-law and a friend on sea trips). Eventually, the three decide on a boating holiday, up the River Thames, from Kingston upon Thames to Oxford, during which they'll camp, notwithstanding J.'s anecdotes regarding previous mishaps with tents and camping stoves.
They embark the following Saturday. George must go to work that morning ("George goes to sleep at a bank from ten to four each day, except Saturdays, when they wake him up and put him outside at two") so J. and Harris make their way to Kingston by train. They are unable to find the correct train...

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