Books Are Letters to the World

Books Are Letters to the World

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Once apon a time in a segregated country at the southern tip of Africa, children of different cultures were separated from each other and had little or no understanding of each others tradition

This is an extract from a rough copy of my book entitled “A South African Dream.” I would like to publish this book one day so that the rest of the world can learn from our experiences. The ending will be “And they lived happily ever after.” My book will be a letter to all world leaders to encourage them to live by the example of our own Madiba.

Emily Dickinson was a famous children’s poet. She was a recluse who lived in the smallest upstairs room of the family house. She spent all her time writing on scraps of paper. After her death her sister published a book with all her works, her “Letters to the world.” One of her poems starts like this … “I’m a no body! Who are you?
Are you a no body, too?”
Her poem is a letter to all young children who feel alone. Emily admits to being a “Nobody” and what’s more, she seems to like it.

A famous person once said:
“I library doesn’t need windows
A library is a window.”
Books are the windows that we open when we travel to far off countries. A library house our dreams, dreams that are shared with young and old, without them there would be no past, present or future. Books give us insight into the lives of remarkable people and foresight not to repeat the mistakes made by leaders over and over again.

“It’s Not About the Bike” is an autobiography written by Lance Armstrong. It is his journey back to life. Who can forget his remarkable cure from cancer and his return to the cycling arena, when he won the Tour De France six times!! This book is a letter to all cancer suffers and his message is clear. “ Fight till the bitter end and make every obstacle an opportunity.” Cancer CAN be beaten! This book gives thousands of people hope for a better and brighter tomorrow.

When I read the “Diary of Anne Frank”, it was as if I...

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