Books Can Be Divided Into Two Main Types: Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Books Can Be Divided Into Two Main Types: Fiction and Non-Fiction.

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I prefer to read fiction books rather than non-fiction books. Fiction books make imagination possible, reading them you can travel around the world, fight against pirates or envisage the future. I acknowledge that non-fiction books are interesting too, but if you read to EXPERIENCE different LIVES it is better to choose a fiction one.

Firstly, a fiction book can transport you to different worldS and places that do not exist in your mind. Jules Verne wrote different novels; my favourite is “Around the World in Eighty Days” because reading it you can imagine different places of the world and how Mr. Fogg was running out of time to achieve his goal. I think he is one of the most important fiction authors, because he could imagine things that no one before had.

Secondly, reading a novel you can imagine THE lives of people different than you. A novel can be romantic or AN adventure. You can dream about being a pirate who is looking for hidden treasure. There are numerous women who love pink novels because while reading them they can imagine a relationship that they won’t ever haVE.

Non-fiction novels are attractive too, because they can offer real solution to problems, or knowledge about specific topics. For example if you are interested in learning economICS you should buy a book from an economist explaining concepts and using real examples.

In conclusion, fiction books offer the possibility to develop your imagination thinking about UNreal examples and different ways of life, notwithstanding non-fiction books offer a realistic point of view of specific topics or real examples of lives.

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