Boom U.S. History​​Jessica Bender
"The Intimately Oppressed"
1. What is the theme of the reading?

The theme of this reading was all about the oppression of woman in America’s history.

2. How does treatment of women differ between societies based on private
property and those based on communal living? Why?

​The treatment of woman differs in private property and communal living because in private property woman were used to others doing housework and labor. And in communal living they did their own work about the house and land and it was usually an entire family living together.

3. How did the earliest female settlers in Virginia fare?

​The earliest female settlers in Virginia were there for poor reasons. They mostly came as indentured servants and were treated like slaves. They were also brought to Virginia to help repopulate.

4. How were women treated on the frontier compared to those living in towns or

​Women were treated completely different on the frontier than those who lived in towns and cities. Woman who lived on the frontier were viewed as equals to men because they did hard labor, just like the men. Where as in Cities and towns they were viewed as less equal to the men because their jobs weren’t as difficult as those done by men.

5. How did English law affect the status of women in America?

​The English law affected the status of woman in America because the English laws transferred over to America. Woman were treated the same in America as they had been in England. Nothing had changed in marriages, the wife was still property to their husband.

6. How does Zinn use the case of Ann Hutchinson to support his basic argument?

​Zinn uses the case of Ann Hutchinson to support his argument to show how woman were frowned upon in public. Ann Hutchinson was known as a speaker in her colony and because of this...

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