FMG On-Demand Video #36318:
Borderless: The Lives of Undocumented Workers

Crossing Borders for Survival:
Why do undocumented workers leave their home countries to work elsewhere? What relationships do they sacrifice, by doing this?
To make enough money to better the lives of themselves and the family back home
They sacrifice the relationships with their children and other family members

Undocumented workers sustain two economies – which economies are these?

The economy back home and the economy of which they live.

Women working as Domestics/Nannies:
What sorts of thoughts go through their heads as they do their jobs?
They think that they should be raising their own kids
They think that maybe their own kids will be mad at them, knowing that they are raising other kids and playing with them, when they are sitting in another country without their mom

How do they maintain relationships with their family members, their own kids, back home?
They make phone calls almost everyday
They send barrels with clothes, food, toys, etc…

How do the children feel toward their mothers, who (as the kids see it) leave them behind?
They feel sad because the mom isn’t there to be a part of their everyday lives
They have resentment that their mom left.
There is always an emptiness inside the kids

What is difficult about flying their kids to the cities where they are working, so they can spend time with each other?
It is difficult to let them go back home

What do they do with the “barrels” they (the women interviewed for the video) talk about?

They fill them with stuff to send back home

How do the women feel about the types of work they do being passed down through generations of their families, from mother to daughter?
They don’t like it but it is a way to make money

Men working in construction:
What is the hourly wage of undocumented male construction workers, compared to the wages earned by coworkers who are citizens?

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