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Manchester Business School MBA Programme Management Accounting
(HBS Reference 9-102-048)

Brief Contents

Introduction. Business Overview. The Merger "A Struggle for Efficiency". Technological Critical Capability. A New Strategy. Abandon Budget Choice. The Four Tools. Benchmarking. Concerns. References. Appendixes.


Borealis case study came rich of thoughts that fit for different modules, giving me a panic till the last moment of writing this introduction – which actually came last. I figure that it would be very useful to put Borealis case study in the back of my head while going through the rest of my MBA – if only passed MA first! Knowing that it might be not the perfect approach, I tried to sequence this paper the same way as in the case study. The paper starts with an overview of the business environment where Borealis acts, followed by some thoughts about the merger and its effect on Borealis created capabilities (integrated and innovated) vs. cost advantages and disadvantages. Going further, an answer to a Shakespearean question of "To Budget - Not To Budget?!" along with the four tools replacing the traditional budget (each in how they benefit/miss-benefit of it). Finally, a hint about benchmarking and few comments to conclude is given.

Business Overview
Borealis is a leading global provider of plastic solutions through its production plants wide world. It is also involved in producing polyolefin by using its unique Borstar technology. Borstar is a Borealis' leading edge proprietary process and catalyst technology that supports the production of a wide range of enhanced PE and PP products. The company also sells a variety of co-products from the cracking process. Borealis is jointly owned by the IPIC of Abu Dhabi (64%) and by OMV, central Europe's leading oil and gas group (36%). Borealis is operating with a number of partners in Europe, South America and Middle East. It has a 50/50 partnership with the Abu Dhabi National...