Born with Scids

Born with Scids

1-3 Hetz Shay Writing Level 4 Kathy Najafi 021209 “Today some movies are serious, designed to make the audience think. Other movies designed primarily to amuse and entertain. So, what kind of movies do I like?” MY FAVORITE KIND OF MOVIE 2-3 3-3THE BUBBLE BOY

1. What might /will happen to a person born with SCIDS?
A person how born with SCIDS must live in a sterile environment for the rest of his life. He can die from every virus because he has no immune system.
2. What does SCIDS stand for?

SCIDS stand for severe combined immune deficiency syndrome

3. What is the cause of SCIDS?

The cause for SCIDS is conditions that are 50% chance to inheriting this from parents.

4. Why was David’s sister Kathryn supposed to play an important role in David’s life? What happened?

Kathryn was supposed to be the person that will donate match bone marrow to David. Eventually Kathryn bone marrow didn’t match to David’s bone marrow.

5. Why was the whole situation with David considered to be such a big scandal?

The great scandal with the bubble boy was that he was conceived for the bubble. The team that did this didn’t think through this very well.

6. As David grew older he began to feel restful why?

David realized what his life would be like, he realized that he depends on what somebody else decided and he starts to ask the question “why”?.

Hetz Shay

7. How old was David when he first found out about his condition?

David was four years old.

8. What was the cause of David death?

David died from cancer, direct result of the bone marrow transplant from his sister that contained traces of a dormant virus.

9. Was the experiment ethical?

The experiment was not ethical at all, the doctors thought about the research and the commercial companies and not about the patient. They didn’t think what happened if they not find a cure.

10. Vocabulary :

Defective - deficient

Prospective - foreseen

Scandal -...

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