Bosch Disertation Literature

Bosch Disertation Literature

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Bosch ‘All around you’’
To what extent has the 2008 brand campaign had a positive impact on consumer perceptions of the Bosch Brand?

1.0 Introduction to Research Project

This research project will focus on the 2008 Bosch brand campaign. The main cornerstone of the branding initiative was to increase customer knowledge about the various products Bosch currently has to offer. With this dynamic approach to increasing customer awareness Bosch has provided a clear image of its product divisions. An analysis will be made to distinguish if the campaign directives had a positive affect on consumer perceptions of the Bosch brand.

1.1 Robert Bosch Limited

Robert Bosch Limited is a leading technology and service company, with a diverse product and service range. Headquarters, which are based in Denham, produce the majority of Bosch’s sales and distribution. The Bosch Group consists of a number of sites and divisions across the UK including Worcester (boiling), Rexroth (hydraulics), Cardiff (Alternators), Milton Keynes (Home Appliances) and Stowmarket (Lawn and Garden). As well as this Bosch operates in more than 50 countries worldwide.

With its slogan ‘’invented for life’’ Bosch offers its customer’s products that are of the highest technological standards, particularly when it comes to innovative and functional design, quality and eco-friendly production.[1]

The main principles of the Bosch Mission Statement are based around Attitude and Commitment in the following areas: Environment, Public Spirit, Quality, Innovation, Tradition, Values, Social Responsibility, Academia and Compliance. [2]

1.2 Bosch ‘all around you’’ campaign

The campaign which was launched early this year focuses on promoting top quality products manufactured by Bosch within the consumer and industrial market. There are nine product areas represented including home appliances, power tools, car multimedia and many more.

The title of the campaign derives from the Bosch slogan...

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