Bottega Venetta

Bottega Venetta

. History: 
Bottega Veneta was established in 1966 by Vittorio and Laura Moltedo in Vincenza.The name “Bottega Veneta” means “Venetian shop” and the company was begun to produce artisanal leather goods. The atyle was discreet and tendentially high­end. 
1980s: short promotional film from Andy Warhol, a great fan. 
By the end of the 1990s, the brand moved towards a flashier, logo­driven aesthetic with a departure from the original stylistic identity. The brand had abandoned its understated ethos and ventured into more trend­driven fashion territory. 
In 2001, Gucci Group acquired a controlling stake in the label and appointed Tomas Maier, a German designe (resumes include Sonia Rykiel and Hermes), as a creative director. He brought the brand back to a more understated and classical look. Lines are simple and clean, with lady­like silhouettes and Greco­Roman inspired draping and folding predominating. The color palette use largely light­tone neutrals and faded colors to build understated elegance look. 
Eyewear wear launched in 2003 followed by fine jewellery and home furnishings in 2006. 
Bottega Veneta presented its first women’s ready­to­wear runway show in February 2005 and its first men’s runway show in June 2006. 
In 2006, Bottega Veneta opened an artisan school in Italy to train a new generation of craftsmen in the precise art of hand making the products.Operated in conjunction with “La Scuola d’Arte e Mestieri di Vicenza” founded in 1858, the three­year course will be free for all students. 
In 2011, launched its first fragrance 
Now it has become a lifestyle brand.

. ●  Signature: “Intrecciato” leather­weaving technique

. ●  Motto: “When your own initials are enough” since 1970s

. ●  Designed suited at St.Regis hotel in NYC and Rome

. ●  Unsurpassed quality, stylish design, opulent materials, exclusive distribution, refined 

. ●  Craftmanship, quality, practical use...