Bounded with Love

Bounded with Love

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All of us are bounded with love. Love from our family, friends and of course to our special someone. We all live because of love, no matter what joy and pain it will bring to us. The most painful part of love is when that special someone let go or leaves you especially when you get used to his/her actions and when he/she has taken so much care for you. It is also painful when someone loves you dearly but you can’t give that love back.

For the 15 years that I have been on this earth there is one thing that I have definitely learned so far: Just when things finally seem to be going your way, life slaps you in the face with a sock full of quarters! What makes me say such a dreadful thing? I treasure my grandmother so much. She was already there for me ever since I saw the first sunlight. Every birthday, she always comes to our house and celebrates it with me. Until one day, my mom rushed home from work and brought with her the saddest news that my grandmother has passed away. Tears from my eyes are falling from my cheeks. It’s like my whole world stops and I got stunned from the news that I got. She was the grandmother who taught my parents on how a child must be taken care and then, in just a single blink of my eye, she vanished like a wind. I will always remember her and keep her in my heart. How I wish I could just get her from my dreams and hug her in reality. How I wish she was still here praising and appreciating all the achievements that I’ve got and made her feel proud that this was the innocent child that she raised before.

Then as days passes by, I’ve become mature, a typical teenage girl living in an imperfect world. Living in a world filled with adventures and mysteries, as I was undertaking the adventures of life, I met a guy who made my world full of dramas. I considered him as my best friend, he was there throughout my struggles and survivals in life. He is always willing to let him lean his wide shoulders for me to cry on when life is at the...

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