For the subject Electronic Commerce, I had been assigned to evaluate a website of a pure-play organization from the home based business. I had chosen the industry type of textiles and the category type is scarf. There are many website of a pure-play organization that I found. Among them all, I choose Lyka Boutique as my subject for evaluation. The company name is Lyka Boutique. They were operating a pure-play organization, having no physical store, and act as a retailer where they also sell others’ products.
The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that been used by this company since their establishment is They establish their company around December 2012. Their website started to operate since in the middle of December 2012. Lyka Boutique is an online boutique that offers scarf or hijab that is very beautiful and attractive. Their products can be stylized using any styles that customer want. They created the products for the purpose of having any functions or events, as an office wear, outing and as a daily use. Their scarf can also be easily worn for casual activities.
Lyka Boutique chooses high quality fabric materials that can give satisfaction to the wearer. The price is affordable for all customers. There are several manufacturers that use Lyka Boutique website as their retailers. They also use high quality fabrics for their products.
Owner does not use models to styling products, instead she wear it herself to ensure that customers can imagine how they look when they wear the scarf. Admin of the website also put up images from different angle. User can see full image of the products.
There are about five collections that had been put on sales by Lyka Boutique. Every collection consists of different products that use different type of fabrics. They also having sales by published it through their social site that is Twitter and Facebook.



The website that I had chosen is...