Braap Marketing

Braap Marketing

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If you break business down into its simplest drivers Innovation and Marketing are the two leaders of growth, with out them nothing else matters, If your not innovating and marketing your not growing.

Yes there are many many other factors that go into growing a business; from passionate and happy staff to keeping your fingers on the financial pulse but all that is impossible without Innovation and Marketing. If you don't have marketing, you don't need a sale team - no one will know about you, there is no point building the best motorcycle in the world if no one hear's about it.
My idea of innovation is Constant and Never Ending Improvement to every element of your business and yes that includes you! it's staff, it's leader!
The greatest choke-hold on any organisation is the physiology and psychology of its leadership team.

At braaap Innovation and Marketing are in constant review, maybe we don't always use these labels, but as a growth company your always innovating, your in a constant state of change, Innovation is the sexy name for proactive change. As a growth company your consistently fine tuning, improving, testing, measuring and implementing new marketing activities to have your stories heard.

One of the most exciting innovations here at braaap is the Launch of the braaap silent.
We are super proud to be one of the, if not the first petrol based motorcycle manufacture to launch an electric powered bike off the production line.

This is an innovation to our product mix that lines up beautifully with our position as a brand and inline with our mission to make Motorcycling more accessible and more fun.

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