Brand Bollywood

Brand Bollywood

Brand Bollywood:A New Global Entertainment Order


The report presents a critical analysis of the issues plaguing Bollywood and provides recommendations to tackle these issues through better use of technology, collaboration, content management, professionalism and institutional financing.

The report aims at presenting a critical analysis of the book “Brand Bollywood: A new global entertainment order” by Derek Bose and analyzes the author’s reflection of the elements that are constantly being used in Bollywood throughout the years. The report tries to capture first a summary of the viewpoints of the author.

This report tries to trace the road map shown by the author about the fast-changing entertainment landscape of India. It tried to capture the central message of the book centring on the viewpoint that film entertainment in India is no longer just an artistic or creative enterprise. The report analyzes the causes of the rapid convergence of various media such as home video, satellite television, radio, internet, animation and gaming, which determines the success. The report contends with the author’s view point that the most successful film-makers will be those who recognise the consolidated potential of the revenue streams as opportunities to be tapped for maximising results, so much so that it would be impossible to produce a failure.

The report presents the findings on the original research and personal interviews and discussions with film-makers, media professionals and market players done by the author. It is also analyzes the data from a variety of surveys, audit studies an annual reports available in the public domain that have been outlined by the author. The report also collates various conclusions presented by the author that place the issue of media convergence within the framework of film development and presents the critical analysis on the various topics and related recommendations based on the findings.


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