Brand Copy Platform (Rainbow Bread)

Brand Copy Platform (Rainbow Bread)

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Brand Copy Platform

Target Audience: Our target audience are mainly younger people from 20 to 40 years what is around 26% of Serbian population. They are modern, urban, they live fast and because of that they can’t have cooked meal every day. So, if ’’dry food’’ is the only option for them while they in the rush, the least they can do for themselves is to choose the most healthy kind.

Objective : Advertising needs to establish this kind of bread on Serbian market. It suppose to attract people’s attention by showing them that this is new product of a good quality and, above all, it’s different from everything in the current offer.

Strategy: The strategy is to convince young people (male and female) to buy this particular bread instead of any other bread because it’s completly natural, it’s not colored. It’s healthy and it’s ajustable to almost everyone because of it’s unique looks and texture.

Insight: This product is half white half brown which makes it convenient for sharing. If someone prefers white bread and the person next to him likes brown one, using this product compromise can easily be made. It’s ideal for couples, friends or brothers and sisters who want to enjoy the meal at the same time.

Support: It’s not rare the case that older people buy white bread because they consider themselves too old to change their hobits but for their children and grandchildren they buy brown, integral bread.

Considerations : The combination of two colours, the squere shape and the texture make our product different from all the others. We also want to distinguish it by the package. That’s why we have chosen transparent packing with a rainbow illustration on it. We use loud colours because we don’t people just to pass by...we want them to look at this bread and once they do it will probably be enough for buying it.

Tone: To engage people for our product we use funny and cheerful tone. Our intention is to inspire people to have a good time eating this...

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