Brand Value of Apple

Brand Value of Apple

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Brand Management

Brand Value

Yifan Zhang


1. Introduction
2. Secondary Research
3. Primary Research
4. Conclusions and Recommendations
5. Appendix
6. References
7. Bibliography


Apple's global brand value grew by almost 14 percent over the past year, according to a BusinessWeek survey of brands. Google, Starbucks, Motorola, and eBay are among this year's top gainers in BusinessWeek's annual ranking of The Best Global Brands, while Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM, GE, and Intel were among top five brands, respectively. Apple was No. 39 on the list with a brand value of $9.13 billion, about 14 percent ahead of the value reported in last year's survey in which it ranked No. 41. Coca-Cola was No. 1 brand on the list with a value of $67 billion; Microsoft was ranked No. 2 with an estimated $60 billion brand value; and IBM was No. 3 with a brand value of $56.2 billion.
 In this report, in order to find out the current market position of apple I will be:
Using a variety of information sources provide a concise account of the apple’s current market position.
Use the output from primary research to provide a concise critical appraisal of apple’s current market position.
Produce a set of recommendations for apple depends on my research.

Apple’s positioning: Secondary Research

Apple has built up its position through the creation of innovative mp3 players, computers and its music store online to make its equity stronger and stronger.
The products offered by Apple are with fantastic software and beautiful hardware. These software and hardware are always innovative and had never been created before. Before Apple nobody had an idea to make software and hardware in one, perfect, integrated package. The other companies did was only the software or hardware such as "Microsoft took the financially saner route of making just the software"....

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