Breakthrough Outdoor Advertising

Breakthrough Outdoor Advertising

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Nowadays, products and services are becoming diversified in packing and quality. They are completing dramatically. The question is how to inform products or services to the target customers in an effective way, which is also big mission and challenge for each marketers. That why wide variety of new and creative ways of advertisings are created in order to appeal and impress the customers effectively.

As all we know, some of traditional advertising; for instance TVC, radio, print ad, billboards,banners…They are used to be applied successfully all over the world but now they seems become obsolete and annoy customers a lot. In fact, almost customers change channels and turn pages when they see commercials or print ads.Finally,marketers must brandstorm to find out the effective ways to contact with their target customer.


1/ Mobile projection

Mobile image projections allow you to take your ad virtually anywhere and to multiple destinations throughout the night. Follow the crowds and cover all of a city's popular and crowded nightlife areas with this flexible - and moving - mobile media that always grabs attention.  Stop people in their tracks in whatever market you need coverage in

Here's how this great media works: images are projected from a van customized with high-tech projectors on top.  As the van slowly cruises popular areas, it illuminates the walls and buildings that it passes. Moving images are approximately 30-40 ft square.  Stationary projections can reach 200 ft square

2/ Segways advertising

Dean Kamen's invention is not only moving people around.Segway advertising is one of the latest ways to take your brand directly to consumers, events and hard reach locations. These unique transports are still novel enough to catch people’s attention and have them stop to check out the vehicles.Moreover, Segways are not only a prop for your...

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