breast cancer

breast cancer

Emergency Evacuation Procedure
If there is a fire and increasing sound the nearest alarm, after you must exit the building via the nearest fire exit do not use the lift. Go to the assembly point in the High Street. Learners should wait at the assembly point with their tutor until otherwise instructed, if in East Street it should be along the road outside the site.

If I discovered a fire I would alarm the fire bell and inform a teacher that there’s a fire in that area, if it is a small fire that a fire extinguisher can put out then I could put it out with a fire extinguisher.

Red- Solids, Wood, Paper, Cloth ect.
Yellow- Solids, Wood, Paper, Cloth, Flammable Liquids, Cooking Oils and Fats.
Blue- Solids, Wood, Paper, Cloth, Flammable Liquids, Gasses, Cooking Oils, and Fats, Electrical Equipment.
Black- Flammable, Electrical Equipment, Cooking, Oils and Fats.

A possible cause of conflict between two people in a workshop we could be:
Because of social problems.
Maybe someone had borrowed the workers tools and didn’t give them back.
Didn’t clean upon use of the tools.
Cultural differences.
Sex Differences.
Sexual Orientation.

Dear Diane,
I have a few ideas that could help two colleagues to stop disagreeing with each other and refusing to work with each other as well.
The steps that I thought may help them two are that they could try to work as a team and help one another to get work done quicker and also help with things they are stuck on which will help them build a friendly relationship up between them and hopefully get them to get along.
Also another step that they could try is to find out what the problem is between them and see if they could fix it with each other by talking about the situation that’s bothering them, they could also talk to you about it to see if it’s the differences between them regarding to whether its cultural, sex or even...

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