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Breathing Techniques
Peter Loughlin
Dynamics of Oral Communications

1. Does anyone in class remember the professor’s first critique of my speech last week about the wonderful Yvette? Well he suggested I breathe. It may seem silly to have to be reminded to breathe, but I will tell you it was a valid suggestion.
While I was up here in front of you I felt as though I would pass out and the flashing white lights in my brain made eye contact quite difficult. So this evening I would like to introduce you to a proper breathing technique that can help reduce anxiety symptoms caused by life’s stresses such as public speaking.

. II. 1) To learn to breathe correctly, begin by slowly breathing in through your nose
through the count of four (4).

2) Hold the breath for a count of seven (7)
3) Slowly exhale through your mouth for a count of eight (8) (this is sometimes
referred to as 4-7-8 breathing). When you exhale, try to make a soft “whoosh” sound by holding the tip of your toung against the roof of your mouth (or lightly clenching your teeth) as you exhale slowly.
4) Repeat this process for three (3) more times (total of four (4)). Do not do more than four (4) breaths at first. With practice, you can work your way up to eight (8) breaths. Do this twice a day.
5) If the process causes you to begin panicking, stop and do as many breaths as you are able.
6) Increase the number of breaths each day until you can do the exercise for at least eight (8) breaths twice per day
7) Once you are familiar with the exercise, you can do it while you are experiencing anxiety or the beginning of a panic attack, and you will feel relief.
8) If you continue to practice breathing this way you will soon be doing it naturally throughout the day

III. Modern scientist have found that a person will take somewhere around sixteen (16) breaths per minute while awake, and six (6) – eight (8) breaths when sleeping. Stress can...

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