Bret Harte

Bret Harte


Karen Feldhaus; 852-7300

Textbook: Glencoe Speech
Materials: Notebook or binder, laptop, note cards (when applicable)

Course objectives:
Upon completion of this course the student will:
1. Be able to write and present a variety of speeches.
2. Understand and apply the communication model to public speaking, group discussion, debate and other forms of public speaking.
3. Feel more comfortable and controlled when speaking in public.
4. Have improved public speaking voice through the application of voice and diction models presented in class.

Course work

Students are expected to be in class everyday and on time. Participation grades are accumulated through attendance and active participation in class discussions, group activities, and individual homework and written assignments.

Students will be administered several written tests throughout the course of the class. These tests will be cover in class notes and assigned reading from the text in addition to vocabulary.

Students will be expected to present several different forms of speeches and related public speaking activities. Each speech is evaluated on a scoring guide given to the class prior to speaking dates. The speeches are graded on a sliding improvement scale with each speech being worth slightly more than the speech before.


Daily work
Students are expected to complete daily work in a timely manner. If homework is assigned, it will be due the following school day, no exceptions. Assignments are not designed so that they cannot be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Students failing to comply with this expectations should not expect to pass the course.

Class presentations
Students are expected to complete each of the class presentations and speeches by the date they are due. The course schedule will...