Brians Winter

Brians Winter

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Gary Paulsen: Brian’s winter

Work Cited

Paulsen, Gary. Brian's Winter. New York: Laurel Leaf, 1998.

Brian Robeson, 13, was stranded in the north Canadian woods after his plane went down on his way to see his dad. He was stranded there in the woods for the entire summer. He survived the summer by eating and drinking from the survival kit which he got out of the plane just before it was sinking. The time went by, he now have to survive his battle with the enemy, winter. The survival pack ran out, he was on his last portions of coffee . Brian gathered the last of the tree branches that haven’t been soaked from the rain for the winter with his hatchet. Brian made some arrows so he could catch a bigger animal to survive. A black bear came for the food and it couldn't get it so it hit Brian repeatedly and he survived with minor injuries. Brian woke up one day and found that the outside was different, it was bright white. He was living on the moose he had caught a few days ago. One day he was outside doing his regular routine getting food and the weather became warmer. He had heard pop sounds and so he went to see what it was and saw a Cree trapping family. The man told him that they go hunting every mid December and within a week a bush plane came and took Brian back to his family.
This whole time Brian has been by himself, very lonely with no one to talk to. This book has a couple of themes that are related to this unit. One of the themes is Isolation. Since Brian is by himself and there is no one to talk to for months Isolation is a good theme to relate to. The other theme of the book is Fear. Brian is afraid that he will never get rescued and never see his family again. He is by himself and doesn’t want to die. He was fearful of many things and that’s why Fear is a good theme to relate to.
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