Bridge crane,2t 3t 4t 5t 10t 15t 20t overhead crane

Bridge crane,2t 3t 4t 5t 10t 15t 20t overhead crane

If you shop specializes in automotive work, chances are you won't need this type of lift. Smaller lifts are more suitable for lifting vehicle engines and other heavy auto parts. However, if you are in the business of producing heavy items that need to be easily moved from one work-place to another, than a bridge crane may be your best option.
kfcrane crane with a metal truss or beam structure in the form of a supported or suspension bridge. The bridge moves along the aisle of a shop or an open loading area on rails located under the crane. A crane trolley with hoisting gear moves transversely along the bridge. Among the types of bridge cranes are cantilever, semigantry, and gantry cranes and bridge loaders.The hoisting machine in which the hoisting apparatus is carried by a bridgelike structure spanning the area over which the crane operates.

kfcrane overhead crane advantages:

greatest flexibility for hook coverage and control over the load
fewest number of physical obstructions on your factory floor

Basic Terminology:
Capacity - The maximum weight the crane will be required to lift.
Span - The horizontal distance between the rails of the runway on which the crane is to travel.

Lift or Hook Height - The required distance from the floor to the crane hook. This dimension is critical in most applications as it determines the height of the runway from the floor and is dependent on the clear inside height of the building.

Bridge, Trolley and Lift Speeds - The rate at which the bridge or trolley travels, or at which the hoist lifts, usually infeet per minute or FPM. You may specify either Single Speed or Two Speed travel/lift or a specific rate of speed, (i.e. 120 & 30 FPM bridge travel). Another option as far a motion speeds are concerned is a Variable Frequency Drive. See the Control section for more information.

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