Brief and Precise Introduction to High Pressure Ball Machine

Brief and Precise Introduction to High Pressure Ball Machine

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Metallurgical waste materials, auxiliary materials need to be on the stove, all need to pressure the briquetting machine to complete.Such as: dust, mud pools, scale, steel slag, iron powder, aluminum ash powder, silicon manganese ore powder, and so on. Can be all kinds of powder, such as magnesite, bauxite, dolomite, iron powder, etc.) by forcing pressurization, preloading spiral made density larger ball billet, precision machining, is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal and refractory, etc. And today we will introduce something about the high pressure ball machine.

High pressure ball machine is mainly used for pressing hard to molding powder material, its characteristic is the molding pressure, main engine RPM adjustable, equipped with a screw conveying device. High pressure ball machine is mainly used to suppress lignite, coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum, iron, tin oxide, carbon powder, coal powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin clay, activated carbon, and at the end of the coke powder, powder, waste, waste residue, is widely used in refractory material, power plants, metallurgical, chemical, energy, transportation, heating and other industries, after pressing ball mechanism for forming materials, energy conservation, environmental protection, convenience of transportation, improve the utilization of waste, has the good economic efficiency and social benefits.

The hydraulic ball press machine can process wide range of powder materials that are difficult to form balls like graphite powder, fly ash, oxide skin, vanadium-titanium ore powder, steel making refining agent, silicomanganese, iron fine powder, blue carbon dust, quicklime powder, magnesia powder, copper concentrate, chromium ore powder, lead and zinc wastes, bauxite, ceramics materials, nonferrous industrial powder, refractory matter as well as nonferrous powder. All these powders can be compressed into high density balls through high pressure.

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