Brief Introduction of the Component of Screw Conveyor

Brief Introduction of the Component of Screw Conveyor

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Function of screw conveyor:

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Screw conveyor is mainly used to transport cement, fly ash, powdered materials in concrete mixing plant, also known as cement delivery pump.

Structure of screw conveyor:

The screw conveyor is characterized by the sealing drive, simple structure. The screw conveyor is widely used as a continuous conveyor in metallurgy batch plant, building materials, chemical, food and machining departments. Compared to other transportation equipment, screw conveyor has features as a small whole section size, good sealing performance, stable and reliable, intermediate multi- point loading and unloading and safe operation, easy maintenance, etc.

Types of screw conveyor:

Generally three major components of the screw conveyor are conveyor body twin shaft concrete mixer machine, expected out and drive device. Screw conveyor spiral blades have three forms: entity spiral surface, belt helical surface and vane spiral face. Vane helical surface relatively has small application, mainly used to transport the material of high viscosity and compressibility, this spiral face completes the function of the material agitation mix together in the completion of transporting process.

Divided from the point of view of the transport of materials displacement direction, screw conveyor is divided into two types of horizontal screw conveyor and vertical screw conveyor. Mainly used for transporting loose materials of all kinds of powder mobile batching plant for sale, granular and small block level and vertical lift. The screw conveyor is not suitable for delivery of perishable, large viscous , easy...

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