Brief Note on Centre for Change and Delivery Management (Ccdm)

Brief Note on Centre for Change and Delivery Management (Ccdm)

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Centre for Change and Delivery Management (CCDM) was created to provide Professional and managerial support to the identified eleven Strategy, Performance and Innovation Unit (SPIU) Departments in addressing their capacity building issues, change management and mind set blocks to reforms. The Centre was established with the approval of the Honourable Finance Minister of A.P and Chairman, Empowered Steering Committee , Andhra Pradesh Public Management and Service Delivery Improvement Programme (APPMSDIP) Phase- II 2006-09,renamed as Delivery of Improved Services in Administration (DISA). A copy of the Minutes of the , Empowered Steering Committee is enclosed for kind reference.

The centre, which started functioning since 1st September 2006 had been under the over al Administrative control of the Director General, Dr.MCRHRDI of AP, as the Steering Committee constituted was with the following composition to manage the CCDM.

i). Director General, Dr.MCR HRDI of A.P as Chairman,
ii). Principal Secretary, GAD (GPM&AR)
iii).Director General, as Vice Chairman,
iv).Additional Director General, Dr.MCR HRDI of A.P as Convenor,
v).Deputy Executive Director General, CGG,
vi). Lead Consultant, SPIU- GAD.

Orders in circulation have been obtained from the Honourable Finance Minister and Chairman of the Sub-Committee of the Board of Governors vide Note No.2430 Dt 06-10-2007, for strengthening pf the CCDM by re constituting the Steering Committee and for registering CCDM under Societies Registration Act, with the Chief Secretary as the Chairman of the Governing Body along with the following composition.

I)..Chief Secretary - Chairman.
ii).Principal Secretary, GAD (GPM& AR)- Vice Chairman
iii). Special Chief Secretary, Finance - Member ,
iv). Representative of ASCI- Member.
v). Representative...

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