Brief Summaries of the Merchant of Venice Plots

Brief Summaries of the Merchant of Venice Plots

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Summaries of different Plots

The Bond
Bassanio Wishes to borrow 3000 ducats from Antonio, but all of Antonio’s wealth is on the sea in his merchant ships, so Antonio suggests borrowing the money from Jew with Antonio’s name as guarantor. Bassanio visits Shylock and asks about the deal and Shylock questions why, because Antonio has mocked and insulted Shylock in the past. Antonio then arrives in his sombre state and Shylock ends up talking Antonio into stitching his own life into the bond, if Antonio or Bassanio is unable to repay Shylock within a month. Antonio’s ships were all lost at sea and none of them arrived at port so Antonio has no money whatsoever and Bassanio is still trying to marry his wealthy lady. Shylock in his heightened state of anger and vengefulness, because his daughter ran off with a Christian and a fair amount of his wealth, seeks revenge on Antonio determined to acquire a pound of Antonio’s flesh for the loss of his daughter and wealth. Antonio is saved by Portia’s resourcefulness and, in turn, allows Shylock to keep all of his possessions but is forced to renounce his faith as a Jew.

The Elopement
Jessica, Shylock’s only child, is being kept close under her father’s wing and is closer to being a prisoner than just being protected. She falls in love with a Christian, which is forbidden by her because in his eyes Christians a reckless and lack in showing order and self restraint. Shylock is invited to a Christian festival in the streets of Venice and before leaving locks all of the windows and doors to ‘protect’ his daughter from the uncivilized manner that the Christians celebrate in. Jessica’s love, Lorenzo, plans to help Jessica escape the clutches of her father by dressing her up in male clothes, as a torchbearer for a festival. Shylock also attends this festival and is unaware that his daughter is also attending because she is hidden by a mask and underneath male clothes. Jessica get a thrill out of deceiving her father but she...

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