Jackie Yang
Moments in History
First Battle of Panipat

In the midst of the various lands marked as Northern India, steadily near appointing the village, Panipat, for it reins a battlefield nearby prevailing troops dressed for Ibrahim Lodhi, their Afghan King took the throne by his father Sikander, armored with praiseworthy war elephants chanting their harmonious aroma announcing the battle against Moghuls led by Babur, his people are the descendants of Turks and Mongols up north; he is from Kabul in which he conquered in the year of 1504, prior to that he lost Ferghana Kingdom. He was well known in Asia and especially remembered by the Indians because he attempted five invasions, successful or not. Hence forth, Babur was summoned by the Governor of Punjab to overthrow the Lodhi Kingdom. Crossing the Indus River onto the fresh land of India. In the First Battle of Panipat introduces the very first artillery use in Asia. It is this very first battle of Panipat located in Haryana, India which was Babur’s fifth expedition which contains the keeper beholding the use of artillery bestowed for Asian leaders that is introducing their use in manmade weapons, fatal and powerful. Little did this world know, death appeared in a flash with the use of gunpowder, and canons. Therefore, Babur had 15 to 20 pieces of field artillery.

Starting with traveling paths soaring in this date; April 21, 1526 the battle was to set forth. Both sides took their places swiftly like carving the Elephant’s tracks marked by the wind of souls that died that day. As it walks over many lands of ironic rapid tones of grays with wool clouds overlapping on this summit day full of tears and victory when days and nights wait along; for every man bowed their heads to Babur; for every warrior took his command to guard at night. Embracing obedience in progress, Babar hid the artillery in Panipat; and ordered the divide of six faculties.

And time flew by so that the sun shall arise...

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