Bringing clean air to Malaysia

Bringing clean air to Malaysia

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Reducing Air Pollution in Malaysia


Do you like breathing in air that can destroy your health? Well Malaysians suffer from this everyday. Imagine not being able to go to work because you're sick due to the air pollution. It's even worse when the food these Malaysians eat are contaminated by air pollution. Pollution is a problem in Malaysia and one way to reduce that is limiting the carbon monoxide exposed to the air.
Air pollution is a big problem in Malaysia as well as other countries in the world. Air pollution in Malaysia is becoming more serious due to economic development and the increased industrialization. (Appendix 7) Air pollution cause food and water contamination in which these people eat and increase the risk of becoming sick. Malaysians are suffering from the lack of money to buy food but once they get it they're getting sick from the contaminated food/water from the air pollution. Having air pollution can cause a number of different problems so making sure countries have clean air is the most important problem to fix in any country.

Malaysia is on the Malay peninsula in southeast Asia and is covered by mostly water with the borders of Indonesia, Thailand, and Sabah. On the east and south there is the south china sea and on the west there is the strait of Malacca. (Appendix1) Most of Malaysia is covered by forest with a mountain range through the length of the country. (Infoplease) Although Malaysia is surrounded by water does not mean the water is safe enough to consume.

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