Brisngr Summary

Brisngr Summary

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Brisingr Summary

Eragon travels to helgrind to help free Katrina, roran his brother’s lover, as he made a promise. On his way back, to surda, the vardens headquarters, he ponders about what to do next. Back at the varden Nuasuada participates in the Trail of the Long Knifes, to remain leader of the varden. The participants have to cut their arms, till they cant no more, and the last person standing wins. When Eragon returns to the Varden, his stay is cut short, as the camp is attacked by galbatorix’s soldiers, and thorn and murtaug. They force they to leave, but are left injured. This battle was hard, because the soldiers were bewitched to not feel any pain, and fight till they could no more. After the battle Eragon weds his cousin roran and Katrina together. Eragon is then sent off to the Dwarf kingdom in Farthurn Dur. To oversee the election of the new dwarf king and try to get one elected that is on their side. Eragon gets the right leader elected, and also make a new enemy as he is attacked while he is visiting. Eragon then heads to the Elven city of Ellesmera to continue his training as a dragon rider. The book gets its title from the sword he gains while at the city, he names the sword Brisingr. Eragon’s master that has taught him everything’s, comes out of hiding to help the elves, the dwarfs and the humans, defeat galbatorix’s rain as king. They get little further, and then Eragons Master is killed along with his dragon, and Eragon is furious, the book ends in the mist of battle and we have to wait till the fourth and last book is released to see if they can overthrow Galbatorix, and defeat the empire.

The character I chose to describe is Eragon. Eragon is the main character; he is bright, and strong. He is compassionate and has a deep love during the story. He has blue eyes, and brown hair, and plays an important role in the story as the main character. His role is he has to help overthrow the king, as he is the last free dragon rider left in...

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