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- Site name: Hotel Online
Background information: Hotel Online is the hospitality industry’s online meeting place, providing the latest and most relevant news, trends, discussion forums, employment opportunities, classified advertising, and product pricing available anywhere.
- Site name: Lodging Econometrics
Background information: Lodging Econometrics is a recognized authority on all hotel real estate, including the development pipeline and the sale and transfer of lodging real estate nationwide. It also compiles and maintains the Industry’s Census of Open and Operating Hotels, which includes the names of owners and management for more than 60,000 hotels in the United States and Canada.
A) Find and discuss at least two trends that are occurring in the hotel industry as defined by the consultants on this Web site:

1st Trend: Brazil & Mexico Lead Pipeline. Basically what this article said was that in Latin America the Construction Pipeline growth is continuing to trend upward, and stands at 788 Projects/127,550 Rooms, which is up a whole 14% Year-Over-Year by Projects and Rooms. South America is toping the regions Pipeline with 534 Projects/85,644 Rooms, and the Caribbean comes in second with 66 Projects/12,516 Rooms, and lastly is Central American with 50 Projects/9,250 Rooms. With the upcoming World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil they are projecting a great growth in hotel development.

2nd Trend:

B) Based on the news articles from Hotel Online, along with your current readings in the newspaper, textbooks, blogs, and so on, discuss a trend you believe is impacting the hotel industry and indicate why you think it is important.

Millennials. Millennials will become the core customer within the hospitality and travel industries over the next five to ten years. The majority of airlines, hotels and travel...