Broadsoud Laser Cruising

Broadsoud Laser Cruising

Broadsound Adventures:

5L water container
15L dry bag – absolute minimum
Tent – two man*
Sleeping bag
Warm dry clothes
Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, PFD etc.
Wet weather gear*
Food – potatoes, high energy camping food?
Cooking utensils
Matches + lighter – in zip-lock bag
Sharp knife
Head torch – preferably waterproof
Red rocket flare*
Spare rope + short bits
Fishing equipment – lures, hooks, line, reel etc.
Waterproof camera (Go-pro)*

*Optional – the inclusion of these items is left to the discretion of individuals.


Day 1
Launch from Stanage – 357 km south of Mackay – 172 km north of Rockhampton
Leg 1 – Northern Bay, Bamborough Island – 14nm @ 008º (broad reach/run given SEerlies*)

Day 2
Leg 2 – West bay, Middle Percy Island – 18nm @ 024º (broad reach given SEerlies*) fresh water & toilets available
Goat curry at the Aframe.

Day 3
Day off the explore Percy – bushwalk, swim, chill etc.

Day 4
Leg 3 – Camp cove, Curlew Island – 26nm @ 272º (broad reach given SEerlies*)

Day 5
Leg 4 – Greenhill beach, Cape Palmerston – 19nm @ 260ishº (broad reach given SEerlies*)
288km by road from Stanage – 80 km south of Mackay.

So, how does 5 days and 77 miles worth of cruising the Broadsound, out to the Percys and back, in a dinghy sound? Crazy? Well perhaps but I am very keen to attempt this trip in my laser and would love to hear if anyone out there would be at all interested in joining in and sharing this adventure...? We would launch from Stanage and sail straight out to Bamborough Island, a trip of around 14 nautical miles, where we would set up camp and spend the first night. The next day would take us a further 18 nautical miles to West Bay, Middle Percy Island. That evening, under a starry blanket, local Chef “German Ernst” would prepare his mouthwatering goat stew which has had yachties flocking for many...

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