Broken things poem

Broken things poem

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Unforgettable things come in a lifetime a dime a dozen. There a lot of memories I will never forget. My all time unforgettable moment is my first varsity football game. We played Forth Smith Northside. On the bus ride up there, I’m a nervous wreck. Thoughts running threw my mind as fast as a cheetah in the savannah. Butterflies fill my stomach as we pull up the school. I go the lockeroom and get dress for warm-ups. As I come out the lockeroom the smell of BBQ fill air and smoke everywhere. When I experience that, I knew I wasn’t in Jr high anymore. Some upper classmen came up and told me I will be just fine.

As we stretch, our band began to march in the stadium. The drummers beat had a rhythm that get your blood flowing, heart beating faster, and adrenaline pumping. As the game start my eyes start get bigger and bigger. The speed of the game was velocious. After five plays I was breathless. I hit the top of my helmet to send a signal to coach that I needed a breather. I ran off the field and fell right before I got to the sideline. I crawl to the bench to catch my breath. While sitting down I was thinking what did I get myself into. I was only in the 10 grade, I was in Jr high last year, and it was not even close to the speed of the game that I played in Jr high. Everything was faster, strong, and did I mention faster.

As the game went on we demolish them, I couldn’t believe it. My first high school varsity football game was complete. We won the game and I did great. I had two sacks, four tackles, two force fumbles, and a two-point conversion catch. As I go the lockeroom the upperclassman said “ I told you, you was going to do just fine” I smiled ear to ear as I get dress and headed to the bus. On the way home, my phone going ape. People texting me good game bro, I see you Ocho, and more complaints. I told them it wasn’t only me, it was my teammates also. They help me get over all my problems that I’ve had tonight to make me preform as well as I...

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