Bsa/310 Week 2 - Critical Information System Paper

Bsa/310 Week 2 - Critical Information System Paper

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Critical Information System Paper on Kudler Foods


Critical Information System Paper on Kudler Foods
Kudler Fine foods is a great example of food retailers, and retailers in general, and the way that transactions need to take place and be under control. Information systems can help better a company like Kudler Foods and keep them relevant and successful. Things like inventory, orders, tracking and reordering will increase as the company grows and become even more successful. Information systems can help these areas.
Critical Information System
Kudler Foods uses information systems for all of its product transactions as well as for payroll and reports like cash reports for the Finance and Accounting Director. However, the critical information system is definitely the product transactions. This system keeps track of all food orders, re-ordering, inventory and more. Without this system, the company can lose track and possibly run out of stock. If a customer were to come into the store and not be able to buy the things they want or need, the store could get a bad name by the spread of word-of-mouth (Kudler Fine Foods, 2010).
This information system could also cause other problems in the opposite direction. If inventory levels are always kept very high, costs will go up very fast and a profit would never be made. If too much money is always spent on food and then spent again before it is needed, a balance would never be hit, causing a quick collapse of the system and company. The pendulum needs to be swung back and forth evenly, and not simply to one side or the other. Just as a pendulum cannot be held is one position, a company cannot either. A balance between the information system and the workers is much needed to keep consumers coming, the company growing and the product in place.
The critical information system is always important to every company when growing and expanding. To Kudler Foods, they may last without it, but would definitely...

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