BSA 376 Course Tutorial/ Tutorialoutlet

BSA 376 Course Tutorial/ Tutorialoutlet

BSA 376 Week 2 Individual Work-Related Project Analysis, Part I

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Assignment Individual Health-Care Bar Coding-Electronic Records Write a 4- to 6-page paper that analyzes a work-related project using systems analysis for a selected business system at the departmental or divisional level.
• • Include information-gathering techniques and design methods used in the project.
• • Analyze and evaluate what made the project a success or failure. This situation is used as the basis for future individual assignments. Include 3 to 4 references relevant to the assignment, in addition to readings. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


BSA 376 Week 2 Team Project Draft - Riordan Manufacturing Outline

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Submit Week 2 Team Project Draft to Learning Team Folder Resource: Service Request rm-002 for Riordan Manufacturing Review the Service Request rm-002 for Riordan Manufacturing. Define scope and stakeholders associated with the project. Identify preliminary assignments and tasks for each member. Create a detailed outline for each section. Draft the first 4 to 6 pages to include the following:

• • Statement of scope and goals o Specify what functions are included in the project.

• • Supporting measures for success o Specify tangible measures for determining the relative degree of success of the completed project. Measures must correlate with goals specified in the first section.

• • Summary of project feasibility o Include specific operational, technical, and economic feasibility analysis. Operational and technical issues must specify how each issue is addressed. The economic analysis must include specific benefit and cost areas

. • • Current business process summary o Provide a flowchart and a separate high-level logical...

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