BSA 502 Team Final Paper Material ( A+Grade )

BSA 502 Team Final Paper Material ( A+Grade )

BSA 502 Team Final Paper Material ( A+Grade )
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BSA 502 Team Final Paper
Riordan Manufacturing Final Paper
Riordan Manufacturing
As an information technology consulting team working for Riordan Manufacturing, Team C will review, assess and make recommendations for improvements to the company’s business infrastructure. These recommendations will include software in the following business areas: human resources, operations, and logistics, legal, and finally, sales, and Marketing.
Riordan Manufacturing Inc. like most companies can benefit from process improvements and the implementation of software solutions to improve its human resources, operations and logistics, and legal processes.
Human Resources Focus
According to Nickels, McHugh, and McHugh (2010), attracting and keeping the best employees is one of the fundamental goals of human resources management. People are the most valuable resource in any organization because their knowledge and creativity translate to products and services that business models depend on. Riordan Manufacturing Inc. faces some challenges with human resources management and is in need of some solutions.
Existing Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) in Riordan manufacturing Inc.
* Employee Database
* Payroll System
* Training and Development System
* Recruitment and Selection system
* Hiring System
* Compensation System
* Compliance System
* Performance management system
Recommended Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)
Oracle HRMS
Oracle HRMS is part of Oracle’s E-business suite with several sub-modules that Riordan can benefit from. The human resources...

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