BSHS 311 UOP Course Tutorial / UOPhelp

BSHS 311 UOP Course Tutorial / UOPhelp

BSHS 311 Week 1 Team Assignment Team Summary Role Play Paper

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Article Discussion:

Conduct an Internet search for a professional article on an existential or humanistic approach to working with someone who is terminally ill. Study the article and be prepared to discuss your findings with your Learning Team..

Article Discussion:

Present your article on working with a person who is dying. Discuss how you feel about the approaches presented in the articles. Consider how you would feel if you were terminally ill and sought help. In what way would you like your human services worker to work with you?

Discuss unconditional positive regard. How does a clinician exhibit this quality? You may wish to add copies of some or all of the articles presented to your personal Resource File.

Listening Skills Role-Play:

Role-play: The team should select two members to conduct a role-play of a situation using person-centered listening skills and emphasizing reflection of feeling. A team member will take the role of the human services worker who is dealing with a person facing death. One student might role-play the participant, one the human services worker. Each week the team will be expected to conduct a role play relevant to that week’s theory. It is recommended that the team rotate those team members who will conduct the role play for each week.

Remember that existential theory emphasizes respecting the client’s beliefs and ability to grow. Do not give advice. Do not persuade. Be with the client and listen.

Submit a Summary Report on the team’s findings and discussion of the selected theory, and related articles, for Week 1. Include a brief transcript of the role-play. Include the resources the team investigated. This report/transcript should be between 500 and 1000 words long. All team members who participated in this report/role-play should be listed on the cover sheet. Utilize APA...

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