BSHS/395 week 2

BSHS/395 week 2


My clients name is Esmeralda and she came to this country less than a year ago from Portugal to better provide for her family. She speaks broken English and is not familiar with American traditions. Esmeralda is having trouble finding a job to support her two children ages 11 and 3. She is looking for assistance with work, medical insurance and food.
Interview process
At the beginning of the interview I met Esmeralda for the first time. We talked and I gained an understanding of Esmeralda’s purpose for needing services and what her strengths and weaknesses were. I was able to answer many questions Esmeralda had about our agency and our policies. The next part of the interviewing process, the middle, we begin to develop a relationship/ I did an assessment on Esmeralda and we planned future goals and task. I gathered more information about Esmeralda and identified her strengths. I was able to get Esmeralda food and medical assistance right away. The next goal is to find work. The last step of the interview was closure. This will happened when all of Esmeraldas needs are met and our goals are completed. We summarized everything that we went through during the interview. The services provided by our agency were compatible with Esmeralda’s problem and she desires services. We then move on with the next steps.

Esmeralda and I discussed confidentiality. I explained to her that all of her personal information would be safe and not shared with anyone out of the agency. Anything that she tells me will be kept strictly between me and her unless her, or someone else’s life was in danger. In that case the authorities would need to know. A consent is then signed.

Active listening and questioning

During the interview process I used my active listening skills and questions. I made sure to use appropriate eye contact and nod to let Esmeralda know that I was listening and interested in what she...

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