BSOP 588 All Discussions Week 1 – 7

BSOP 588 All Discussions Week 1 – 7

BSOP 588 All Discussions Week 1 – 7

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Note: The download include two different set for all Discussions taken during 2013 & 2014 
BSOP 588 Week 1 Discussion

1) Definition of Quality
Part 1: How do you define Quality? Provide a definition of quality, support your definition, and define the stakeholders who are affected by your quality definition. Note: as you progress through this course, you will be focusing in more on your personal definition of quality.
Part 2: Search out some definitions of quality (use websites, visits to retail stores, your own industry, etc.) and look to see how close such definitions of quality link to your own definitions of quality. Given our discussion in class, what do you see that is good or not so good about the definitions of quality that you researched? Lastly, do you see the traits of quality present in the definitions of quality you researched?

2) Quality in Your Organization
Identify the type of industry and size of the organization that you work for or have in the past (for example, service < 500 employees).  Describe that organization's Quality Management Philosophy and also describe its approach to managing it.  How effective did you think this Quality Management Philosophy was in helping the company?

BSOP 588 Week 2 Discussion

1) Quality Philosophies
Explain what a quality management philosophy is and then identify which quality guru (Deming, Juran, Crosby, etc.) best fits your organization’s quality management philosophy. Also, be sure to explain why you feel this way.

2) Quality Awards
In the Doc Sharing area, find the file labeled "Quality Awards List," choose an award from it and research it on the website. Provide some background on what your chosen award process is and list the advantages and disadvantages of the award. Identify whether it links to any of the quality management gurus' philosophies (Deming, Juran,...

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