Btec ict

Btec ict

Billy Lovejoy
BTEC IT Unit 1 P6
School based access

There are two ways to access the email service the first and easiest was it to log on to a computer. When you are logged on the schools computers, this page should come up. Go and click on Outlook 2013 shortcut.

Home based access
Outlook is pre-installed on the schools computer however, a computer at home may not have it installed and so this is how you access it via the internet at home. How to access outlook from home: search Woolwich poly gateway. After searching Wpoly gateway, click on the first link provided.

Woolwich Poly website
When you access the first web page this is what should appear. The LG stands for learning gateway from there a drop down list is displayed and the option for staff email is second from bottom, you should click on this to access your email.

Accessing teacher email
When you access this page, you will be required to fill the boxes provided. The information that has to be entered is the same as the information that is used to log onto the schools system.

Once information has been entered:

The first page that comes up will display your inbox and new emails, this is a list of all emails received by other email addresses.

How to read the emails
In order to read an email, you simply must click on the email and it will appear on the right hand of side of the screen.

How to send the email

In order to send an email you will be required to do the following: Press on new Email (location: top right corner). In order to send work, you must hyperlink the work by pressing attach file. It will take you to your files so you can hyperlink the required work.

How to send hyperlink and send to correct person
In order for someone to be sent an email by you the correct email address must be selected a quick way of doing so is to type...

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