Btec Level 3 Business Unit 3 P1

Btec Level 3 Business Unit 3 P1

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The second part of my learning outcome is about growth and survival techniques of the marketing techniques.
They've asked me to choose about two kinds of businesses and I have to choose one product of each of the firms. After I’ve done that I should describe the marketing techniques that they use to promote they're product.

Here I leave a table, explaining the variations and differences among different marketing techniques used by each of these two firms:

Marketing Techniques Mercedes-Benz / Cars FrieslandCampina / Dairy
Growing and Surviving Techniques Diversification: They started with the first petrol-powered car and while the years were passing to they used an amount of many new innovations that later were used by common vehicles. Starting with the model W01 produced on 1926 for the first time. After they produced this model they thought to bring some diversification inside of the car market, producing and bringing out a new type of car completely different to the first one. They also started to produce busses and trucks. Diversification: FrieslandCampina food-based company was organized cooperatively. Its roots as a company descend or go down to 1879. It has grown through acquisitions that have done that over the years the company is spreading out internationally, giving them the opportunity to acquire more products and thus have a higher margin product to offer the customer. They started with cheese and dairy products and now they've got all kind of products as juices, alternative meals, yoghurts, infant nutrition, animal feed, etc...

Product Development:
They began with a model called the W01 in 1926, bearing in mind and the intention of bringing to market two other models that same year. And that's what they did.
And after ten years of existing they had already more than 30 different cars inside the market of those times. Product Development:
They started bringing to market dairy products and cheeses. As the years passed they improved...

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