Btec Level 3 Business Unit One P1

Btec Level 3 Business Unit One P1

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My manager did ask me to do a research and investigate one organization from a public sector and one business from the private sector. So I’m going to talk about two different kinds of businesses. The first one is from the Dutch private sector and the second one is a Non-profit organization inside of the public sector. Then, I’m going to describe both of them and explain the differences they’ve got. After I did that, I will write about their purposes and I will let you know my conclusion. The business I’ve chose in the Dutch private sector is called New York Pizza. And the organization that I found interesting to investigate it’s called Greenpeace. It is an organization situated in the public sector also called voluntary sector.
They've also asked me to analyze, describe and explain the different types of ownership of the previously selected organization or businesses.
There is also a part of this report that has to do with the different stakeholders who also influences the activities of the two contrasting organizations that I’ve chosen.

Type of evidence

New York Pizza:

As I had mentioned in my introduction I am going to analyze and discus the Dutch based company New York Pizza specifically the branch located in Spijkenisse. They are a company inside of the private sector, so they want to make or reach some profits.
It is a company made to make and reach profits. You’ll find this establishment always in the tertiary sector, and the main purpose of N.Y.P is to sell Pizza’s and Italian food to the customers to make profit. They have got two ways to do it. The first one; is using their Home Delivery Service. As a customer you can call them at their phone number or you can use their special webpage made to order from their daily menus.
The second way to order there is by going to the local point, and buying the food there and after it’s finished you can take it away to your home. So the second way...

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