btec level 3 business

btec level 3 business

Product idea
• I came up with this idea via a friend of mine. Usually when he
drinks alcoholic beverages he also adds sugar drinks into his
alcohol, he does this because he says the flavour contrast mix
together well and also it reduces the strong kick of the alcohol.
• The product will consist of good ingredients to provide the best
taste. Also the price will be relatively cheap at £3.95, this is
because so it can reach to a wider range group and affordable to
most. To promote this product codes will be printed within the
can at the bottom, this gives buyers to enter a competition to win
£10,000. the product will be spread all across the country from
big leading companies like asda to corner shops and bars.

• The product I've chosen to do is R-Ciroc. This product
will consist of two separate drinks, which consists of Red
Bull and Ciroc. The product will be in a can and will be
500ML. This product will only be for those that are over
the legal age of 18 as the drink contains alcohol.R-Ciroc
contains 165 calories.
• Each can will contain taurine, caffeine, B- group vitamins
+ sucrose and glucose+ Alpine spring water and alcohol.
• R-Ciroc will be green in colour.
• The cans will be 100% recyclable

• My product will be sold in bars, night clubs
,supermarkets and local stores
• Supermarkets that will sell my product are Sainsbury,
Lidl, Asda ,Morrison and Co-op.
• Bars and nights will be selling our product as we’re
offering our product at convenient prices, also due to
thorough market research we believe our product will
appeal to young adults on a budget on a night out.
• Local shops in particular off licenses and local stores
will sell my prodcut

• My product will be sold at retail price for £3.95 and
a warehouse price of £2.95. this drink itself will cost
me £1.50 to make each can therefore every can I
sell I will make me £1.45 profit. Furthermore once
a big company purchases my product at...

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