Btec level 3 unit 1 p3 & p4

Btec level 3 unit 1 p3 & p4

By Jake Wiggins

Organisational structures

An organisational structure is how the
workers and staff within a business are
organised into a hierarchy based off
authority in the business. This Is
supposedly a visual representation of the
structure of your business in an
organisation chart. It is also shows what
job or role each worker plays in the
business then the structure puts them
into importance, the most being at the
top and the least at the bottom.


There is two different forms of the organisational
structure that you use to describe them this is tall
and wide. A tall organisational structure is a long
change of command, instead of a short chain
spread over a large work force. As the company
grows the management levels increase so would
the number of managers this makes the structure
growth get taller. A flat organisation is few
managers they will have to control a large number
of workers. As the company grows it would expand
outwards as the number of workers would


A functional organisational structure is an
organisation structure based in a hierarchy in
which the people are grouped with their area that
they specialise in. The people are supervised by
some called a functional manager who a
professional in the same field. This helps with
making sure the employees utilise their skills
properly. In the structure you are classified by the
function you perform in the business. Each
department has its own head of department who
is responsible for the performance of that


A geographical structure is a structure
that is used for organisations that are
based in different locations around the
world. As this allows the organisations to
run efficiently in different areas across
countries. The reporting and functional
system stems across multiple locations.
The offices can operate individually while
following the...

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