Btec Unit 3 P1

Btec Unit 3 P1

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Which commercial brand did I choose?
I chose Samsung, because that was the first what came up in me. Maybe it’s to easy and a little bit boring, because a lot of other students could of have chosen the same. At this moment I don’t own anything from the brand Samsung. But I had to use a mobile phone from Samsung and I was realy happy with it.

What is Samsung mobile?
Samsung Mobile is a part of Samsung Electronics Manufacturing Co. (Semc) which was incorporated in 1969. In February 1984, SEMC was renamed as Samsung Electronics. The name already tells, Samsung mobile produces mobile phones. Samsung is a South-Korean Brand, started in the middle of the 20th century (1938). Samsung has a long past, and have done a lot of different productions like dried fish, theme parks, shipbuilding, televisions, laptops and mobile phones.
Samsung became a known brand and Samsung has in almost every country customers, in already 58 countries.
If you translate Samsung in to English it literally means the three stars.

What kind of grow strategy does Samsung use?
Mart development. Samsung uses Mart development as grow strategy. Samsung is a multinational and always ‘growing.’ At this moment Samsung delivers in 58 countries mobile phones, but that’s not enough. So Samsung keeps expanding, exporting and developing. But not only by exporting it to other countries. Samsung also has changed the market, you can also buy only a mobile phone, without the telephone subscription. Some people prefer that and the option is there now.
Besides Mart development Samsung also uses product development. Samsung renews their products every year and come up with other lines. Last year Samsung came as a response on Apple Inc. with the Samsung tablet, also known as a flat laptop. It easy to use, easy to caring around and less expensive than a new laptop or computer. By doing this Samsung arranged more customers. Those customers picked the Samsung tablet above apple for probably a few...

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