Btec Unit 43

Btec Unit 43

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Administrative Service
HND Business
BTEC Unit 43
Assignment One

Esther Aivinhenyi

Introduction 3
Findings 4
1. How the different administrative services operate 4
Secretarial 4
Reception 4
Property management 6
2. Review ways for developing specifications for administrative services 7
Consultation: 7
Advice: 8
Specifications: 8
Record Keeping: 8
Organisational policies, Objectives and constraints: 9
3. The skills and knowledge required in the design and implementation of an administrative service. 10
Design options 10
Presentation 10
Sufficient information 11
Record keeping 11
Implementation 12
Support 12
4. Investigate the procedure necessary for the monitoring of the chosen administration service. 13
Checking 13
Corrective action 13
Consultation 14
Evaluation 14
Improvements 14
Bibliography 15


The role of a general administrator is largely clerical and exists in many industries. The job usually involves assisting a manager to manage efficiently. Duties may include filing, answering phone calls, photocopying, responding to emails and scheduling meetings and other office activities
A general administrator will usually be expected to be experienced in working in an office environment either as a receptionist or an office clerk. They will need to have computer and strong written and oral skills. Specific qualifications are usually not necessary but a standard level of secondary education is expected. Candidates with a good typing speed are often preferred
Other attributes sought in applicants for such a post include good interpersonal skills, a well-presented appearance and an organised disposition. As the job holder may be required to deal with customers, they will be expected to represent the organisation positively. It is usually necessary for a general administrator to be able to operate office equipment such as photocopiers and fax machines.

1. How the different administrative services...

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