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Creative Writing: ‘I’m not going to stop travelling. It’s what my life is about’

I have been across mansion floors, down swirling staircases, tapped along a dance floor and under the seat of a boring old opera. Sam , my owner is struck down with the flu, I’m almost useless now. I need to travel, being cramped up in here makes me very frustrated, oh if only I had hands to stop Sam from eating that seafood. I wasn’t happy being vomited towards, and neither was my twin. My twin, a senseless character always willing to follow me is named Farah ; she’s also very upset as we are stuck here in this stinky old closet.

Finally, Sam is up and well, and I’ve survived through the dark, dull view from this shoe-stack, Sam’s off to the mall. Down the marble staircase we ran, and across the shimmering almost blinding tiles we walked, finally the appearance of sunlight creaking into me, I let out a sigh of relief. “To the mall”, insisted Sam and soon we arrived, as usual it felt like a red carpet appearance. I’m shocked, my day of reckoning has finally arrived as promised by many pillars around the world, Sam is shoe shopping. I stood for three hours, tossed all over the mall as I witnessed first hand all the struggles of many of my peers.

My day was getting worse, and finally it ended. I woke to the creaking of the closet door, and I was grabbed, strangled down. A frustrated Sam let his fury out in one hard slam, CRASH! Into the ground I went. I thought my days were never going to get worse, Sam was going to see his girlfriend and I had to be there. Farah seemed depressed, we hadn’t spoke in days, were our days numbered in this high class life. Finally, we arrived at Sam’s girlfriends place; I was ready for a night of being tossed to all corners of the room, often separated from Farah.

After a loud, hot, steamy night, I fell asleep to the moaning in the background. I was woken up in the same fashion, CRASH! I thudded the hard floor, Sam was on his usual escape...