Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller

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We started at the cathedral it uses a lot of arches ad lot of sculptures intergrated into the building.it uses a multi-layer effect created by using the engravings and the set back arches of the building.it uses large sashe/stained glass windows which adds colour and a mark of intrest to comment on.the material used to construct is typical of the time it was built it uses large stones and is the most used for the building even used for the sculptures and to show detail.glass is used in windows but is mostly used to please the eye not to look out of. There is wood used for the doors which is supported by metal plates and bolts but these material are hardly used. The building has a lot of symmetrical features as each half of the side is very similar so it is like a mirror affect.

The buildings around the cathedral are more modern than the cathedral even though they are not modern in todays terms. They do use standard brick but has the look of a more engineering brick. Wood is more used specially round the window frames and sills and the pains of glass are clear so more suited for the purpose also it uses bay windows to add a more wider view but the frame still gives the effect of added an framed effect round a pain of glass as it is seprate pains of glass for each section.

When leaving the castle it more commercial so we made the step from historical to commercial even though the building and surrounding had historical intrest the building had been adapted to suit commercial useage.also the use of modern amenitities such as roads and use of modern materials such as tarmac even thought there is sum paved road leading out to the main road.

Walking aside the castle we start to see the development of residential areas so this was another step in architecture as they have been designed for livening conditions.theres a contrast between old and new. As you have the castle walls with the more newer resisdential dwellings.also the services around such...

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